Teen Girls Support Group starting soon!

NEW! Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30pm Starting JULY 13!

Hope and Healing: A Support Group for Teen Girls!

Who: Teen girls between the ages of 13-17 who have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse of any kind at any point in their life.

What: A healing and supportive group for teen girl sexual abuse survivors. Sexual abuse is any kind of showing or touching of private parts that is unwanted, or being forced, manipulated or coerced to do something sexual. When: The group is held on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30pm Starting JULY 13!

Where: We meet in a cozy group room with couches & snacks at 1712 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing

After a sexual assault you likely feel a mix of emotions including fear, shame, sadness, anger, and loneliness. This group provides a safe place to come and meet with others who understand what you are going through. The group helps you deal with these emotions while celebrating your strength and survival skills. You get the unique opportunity to share and support other girls who have been through similar situations.

Does it Cost Anything? No. The group is totally free.

Topics we may cover in group include:

~ How abuse affects self-esteem ~ Choosing who and how to tell

~ Acknowledging survival tools ~ Healthy relationships

~ Building support ~ Physical and emotional healing

~ Growing stronger and moving forward

Do I Have to Share? We ask that each girl share their name and age and how they knew or did not know their abuser. As far as sharing more about your story, it is completely up to you. You get to choose what information you share. Is it Confidential? Your information with us is entirely confidential. The only exception are things that fall under state mandatory reporting guidelines (like someone being abused or planning on harming themselves). We respect everyone’s privacy and maintain trust in the group and ask all members to do the same.

To register, please call the Women’s Center at 517.372.9163 or via email at womenscentergl@gmail.com

Women’s Health Matters Symposium with Dr. Molly Geurin

Join Dr. Molly Guerin, MD from Alliance OB/GYN for a lively and informative discussion on topics ranging from PMS to Menopause, Screening Recommendations for Pap/Pelvic and mammograms, Libido and more! There will be time dedicated to question and answers with Dr. Guerin.

DATE:   Thursday, August 4, 2016

 TIME:    7:30 am Registration Program starts at 8:00 am sharp and ends at 9:00 am

 LOCATION:   Plymouth Congregational Church, 2001 E. Grand River Ave, Lansing

 FEE:   Cost is $10 before the event $15 at the door. Breakfast will be served.

Tickets can be purchased on line atwww.womenscenterofgreaterlansing.org hit the Donate button. Pre-registration is preferred! Breakfast will be served and we need to know you will be there. Tickets will be held at the door. Call 517.372.9163 for more information or to reserve your seat!

For more information on Alliance OB/GYN go to their website: http://alliance.dnnstaging.com/


Garden Tour to Benefit the Women’s Center – July 24!

Garden Tour ticketCan you think of a better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon than visiting beautiful gardens in your own community? Neither can we! Join us for a day of exploring a variety of beautiful gardens in the Lansing Area all while benefiting the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing.

Tickets are $10 per person and give you admission to the tour where you can hop on and off at any time!

The day of the tour look for signs at major corners near the homes and balloons attached to the garden owner’s mailbox.  Please DO NOT visit these gardens prior to July 24 1-6pm. Thank you. 

Description of the different gardens:

516 Carey St. Lansing (Westside neighborhood)

Our property in the old Westside is unusual in that it has so much space in downtown Lansing.  This enables our gardening to focus on water features  not found in many homes: a large koi pond with two waterfalls and a large
in-ground swimming pool.  We try to keep our plantings “old fashioned” and welcoming … including frequent visitors Fred and Ethel, a lovely pair of ducks and sometimes their ducklings!

520 Westmoreland Ave. Lansing (Westside neighborhood)

Lansing’s Westside Neighborhood is a wonderful urban neighborhood made up of homes largely built in the 1920s.  When we purchased our home, which was built on a corner lot in 1921, it had a narrow backyard with no garden space and no sense of privacy.  Over the past few years we have enjoyed turning the backyard into a bird and flower-filled urban sanctuary providing us with the multi-use retreat we were seeking.

2173 Belding Ct. Okemos

Labor of love describes this eclectic garden that has developed with the owner’s interest of organic gardening, and creating a haven for wildlife.  The garden has a large area for vegetable gardening, herbs as well as raised beds to tempt visitors with raspberries, blueberries, and black berries.  The yard is certified with the National Wildlife Federation as a habitat for wildlife.  The home also has solar panels on the south facing roof generating electricity.  And of course perennials, hostas and shrubs abound!!!   

4539 Nakoma Dr. Okemos

A major, two year yard and garden renovation gave the home a new landscape.  Exterior living spaces were created, repurposing materials including slate tiles and concrete pavers.  Overgrown foundation plantings were removed and replaced, while some plant stock relocated to other areas of the property.  One of the highlights of this garden is the many and varied mature trees such as a majestic paper bark maple.  The trees offer a park-like feel to the yard.  The outside architecture of the home draws the visitor into the yard to explore. 

4687 Chippewa Dr. Okemos

The garden was developed for the home owner’s love of butterflies, birds and a small obsession with unique trees.  Many of the plantings have been selected to provide both host and nectar plants for the flying beauties in our area, such as monarchs, and swallowtails.   The garden is filled with winding beds of perennials, native plants and annual containers. You may even catch a glimpse of baby blue birds feeding or a monarch transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly!

765 Alton St. East Lansing

This garden is a must see for anyone who is wild about roses, it boasts double knock-out roses galore with a blooming season of May through November.  The home owner has completely removed all grass and developed a cottage garden feel as soon as you enter this city lot.  Many of the perennials re-seed in the yard giving the garden a different look each season.  The use of annuals adds to the color and interest as you meander through the garden.

160 Kenberry Dr. East Lansing

On a quiet street just north of the MSU campus see an amazing transformation from a grassy slope with a full sized volleyball court to a natural setting of trees, bushes, flowers surrounding an expansive water feature that includes streams, waterfalls and a large pond with 75 koi and goldfish.  As you enter the backyard, you have entered a peaceful sanctuary leading you to sit awhile.

Help Close the Gap in Our Budget!

Dear Friend,
Since the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing opened its doors in 2005, we have remained the only nonprofit organization in the Lansing area that provides essential services to enable women to be successful. Our mission is to guide, empower, and heal women.

What makes us unique is HOW we do what we do. All of our services are offered on a one-to-one basis. We start where the person is when she walks in the door, and go from there. No assuming. No judgment of where she should be in her life. No one is turned away, even those that can’t pay.

“I had a heart attack in December, and open heart surgery in February. The bills were coming in fast and furiously and I was in desperate need of employment that fit my physical limitations. I went to your center to job search and your staff were so helpful. I applied for a job…and completed my first day of training this Wednesday! Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated.” — RM, a WCGL client

We are an organization with a really, really big heart. In an ideal world, this big heart would take us to extraordinary places, enabling us to help all of those who need it. But this isn’t an ideal world, and what we have in heart, we lack in resources. The demand far outweighs our supply.

We are extremely grateful for our donors who contribute supplies year after year, but this year, we are specifically seeking cash donations. For our current fiscal year, our operating expenses have been $147,900 and our revenue, which comes to us primarily in the form of donations, has been $29,103. Our operating income has not been this slim in a long time and we are dangerously close to running out of operating funds. To close this gap, we are seeking cash donations so we can remain open and providing services.

Please consider a donation of $100 or more by June 15th so that we can pay the mortgage, keep the lights on, pay our one and a half staff members and continue to serve the women of our community.
Your donation will help us provide these fundamental services for our clients:
• Employment. We uncover potential, help with resumes, job search tools, interview skills, and training.
• Computer lab. Reserved for job seekers with up-to-date software so they develop competitive skills.
• Essential resources. Our professional clothes closet offers confidence boosting clothing and accessories; our personal care and feminine hygiene closet provides women with hard-to-afford daily products and wigs to the women who are undergoing cancer treatment.
• Counseling. Our team of counselors help women cope with unemployment, loss, anxiety, divorce, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, cancer and other soul-crushing traumas.
• Support groups. We cover a variety of topics such as: Healthy Relationships and Domestic Violence, Disability, Cars 101, Empowerment, Financial Independence, Caregiver Support, Learning To Let Go, Work Your Image, Healthy Communication, Anxiety and much more.
• Safety. We help women get out of abusive relationships safely.

Anyone’s life can change in an instant. Where would you go for help if you didn’t have a support network of your own?
Be a hero, save a life! By donating $100 or more, you can make all the difference in helping us to remain open and continue our efforts to help women find safe housing, provide for their children, and really start to live again, and not just survive!
Thank you for your consideration!
With Gratitude,

Amy Zander, Board Member
P.S. I joined the Women’s Center board this year because I know how quickly a woman’s life circumstances can change and that we all need help at some point in our lives. I needed help once, and now I can be that help.
I’d like to know, why do you give? Share your story by emailing us at womenscentergl@gmail.com.

Donate now to help the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing focus on what we really need to do—help women move from surviving to thriving.
There are two ways to donate.
1. Visit our website at www.womenscenterofgreaterlansing.org and click on DONATE NOW button.
2. Or, using the form below, mail a donation to: The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, 1712 E. Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48912

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