Meaningful Communication (anger management) starting again August 22!

Meaningful Communication (anger management) has started again! See the flyer below. Individuals and couples, men and women are invited to participate in this workshop series. Why be miserable and make those around you miserable?? Learn to communicate effectively and manage those frustrations that lead to outbursts you really don’t mean.

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Cancer SUCKS

Recently learned that one of our very first clients at the Women’s Center was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. S has overcome so much in her life and to be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer is soooooooo completely unfair. How can it be that this person who has done so much for so many, gave up her career for her then husband, raised her two sons and a grand daughter, was deported because the husband divorced her and they were on student visas, did what she had to do to get back to the U.S. and to her children. Finished an associate degree, then a bachelors degree and received a full ride scholarship for a combined Master’s/PhD program and now this?? Cancer SUCKS

Women’s Health Matters aka “Hormone Happy Hour!” September 1

Join us for a lively discussion of women’s health and wellness with Dr. Molly Guerin of Alliance OB/GYN. Dr. Guerin is an awesome speaker and will answer any questions you have related to women’s health, hormones, required medical tests, peri-menopause, menopause, libido+/- and answer the often asked question: “why am I so tired?”

In true Women’s Center fashion we are offering either cocktails or “mocktails” for this hormone happy hour. Copper Kettle Catering will dish up some yummy hors’ d’ouerves and we’ll eat, drink, be hot, be cold, be merry, be together and support each other in this thing called life.

We’re selling quilt raffle tickets too and maybe a door prize or two will be offered. Whatev’s. It’s $10 for 90 minutes of fun on a Thursday night!  Go to the donation page and look for Women’s Health Matters to get your tickets. Buy early and buy often! Thank you.

New Strategies for Coping with Anxiety & Depression AUG 11 & 15

Join us for a combined informational session on the basics of anxiety and depression and learn different ways to cope with these conditions using essential oils. Allie Phillips will give a brief presentation on using essential oils for relief of depression and anxiety. Topics covered will include:

  • What is depression and how can you recognize it in yourself or others?
  • The difference between depression and sadness or grief.
  • Common symptoms or signs of depression/anxiety.
  • Disorders that are commonly paired with depression.
  • Things you can do to combat depression and tools you can use.
  • How essential oils can aid in coping with anxiety and depression.