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Career Support & Computer Lab

*** The Computer Lab is currently closed due to COVID-19***

Check back for updates on scheduling a time to use the computer lab.

Women’s Center Services:

Our certified counselors and interns can work with you one-on-one to help you figure out future career plans and possibilities. They can also educate you about economic resources and ways to plan for the future. Our career services include:

  • Career counseling
  • Customized job search assistance
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Economic education and planning
  • Work Your Image seminars
  • Computer lab

Racial Justice

We are committed to combating racial discrimination in the workforce. Your identity should be celebrated wherever you work. We will provide resources specific to your needs in the workforce, especially as they relate to anti-racist work establishments. We envision a world of equitable opportinity and will actively fight for racial justice in whatever job and/or career path you choose. 

Job Search Assistance

Our computer lab, Job Seekers support group, and one-on-one help will get you out on the market with your interview clothes, resumé, and goals ready to go! Our goal is to make clients financially independent for their future.

One-on-one Assistance

If you are someone who may feel nervous and unprepared when you search for a job, one-on-one assistance may be best for you. How do you find the right job that will treat you well, pay a decent wage, and are understnaing when the car won’t start, the sitter won’t show up, or when you turn up sick?

Here are some of the things one-on-one assistance can help you with, if you choose:

  1. Figuring out what kind of job will pay you enough for doing what you love!
  2. How to figure out what in your background, education, interests, independent study, training, other jobs you’ve held, and simple life experience from unpaid work proves you would be great for that job.
  3. How to put down on paper the evidence that you will be qualified at that job in a format that meets the employer’s needs.
  4. What to say in your cover letter.
  5. How to ace the interview, using the S/CAR method.
  6. Whether / if / how much to disclose about “barriers” to getting hired.
  7. …and what if they want someone who’s bilingual, or has a master’s degree, and other stuff that you don’t have?
  8. Who to ask for references.
  9. How to learn if this company is has a good work environmnet where you feel comfortable and welcomed.

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On-Going Support & Opportunities

There are many opportunities for clients to continue getting the support they need as they transition their lives. From counseling to support groups  to volunteering in the Center, there is no hard and fast “graduation” from the Women’s Center. Our past clients make wonderful volunteers and we love to see them grow.

10 Job Search Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Searching for a job is stressful, especially when there are a lot of misconceptions about job searching floating around.

Although every individual has their own strategy, there are some red flags you should be aware of during your job search. As the job market becomes more competitive and industries evolve and change, it’s important to stay on top of the latest hiring trends in your field.

As you prepare for your job search, empower yourself by recognizing these job search myths:

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Updated on: 06/29/2020

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