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The Coaching Academy


Looking to take the next steps to meet your goals? If so, the Women’s Center Coaching Academy is the right fit for you. With our individualized approach, we can help you determine a plan that will work with your unique situation, challenges, and strengths. Whatever your circumstances, your goals are within reach.

Sessions are $75 for one or $999 for 16. To learn more about the Coaching Academy, reach out the Women’s Center at womenscentergl@gmail.com or (517) 372-9163.

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These sessions will be focused on bringing more balance, happiness, and success in your life. You might work to improve aspects of your life such as stress management, self-esteem, time management, organizational skills, goal-setting, work/life balance and interpersonal skills. Let us work with you to help you meet your goals.



Focused on helping you create more successful relationships in your life. Your goal may be to improve communication, create a more loving connection, increase intimacy – we will work with you to develop better strategies to promote the relationships you crave.




Creating positive strategies to find a job you love; guiding you toward getting obtaining skills, finding work-life balance and choosing the right career.




Discovery is a broad coaching area based more on getting you in harmony with your nature; this area could be mindfulness and breathing work, spirituality……what brings you peace and healing, relaxation and strength.



You and your coach will look at your current financial system, explore where you want and need your finances to be and develop an individualized plan that will lead to your defined financial bliss.



Finding deliberate ways to self-initiate the fulfillment of your own needs.




Creating positive strategies to find an educational path that will lead to a career you love. With so many choices, your coach will work with you in narrowing the path and selecting an education or skills trade curriculum that will lead to the career or personal enrichment you so strongly desire.




Focused on helping you create strategies to improve your wellbeing, whether your goal is losing weight, getting in shape, or managing an illness- we offer ways to reduce stress and increase your vitality through food, nutrition & simple exercise.




Our confidence program focuses on helping you overcome any blocks in your ability to express yourself clearly and confidently with favorable and lasting impressions. We want to assist you in developing a greater sense of self-worth & self-esteem so you can pursue your goals.




Family coaching will help you to work toward creating healthy, happy, nurturing family dynamics. You may work on improving communication, dealing with conflict or strengthening family ties. Helping you to develop your own resources for the challenging and rewarding job of being a parent.




Exploring what makes you “you”? Through an evaluation of your personal attributes, needs, values, habits, emotions, interests, hopes and dreams, we assist you in defining and creating your own personal road map to your defined fulfillment destination.




Creativity & art tapping into your inner creativity.


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