Execute – Clothes Closet & Job Support


Professional Clothes Closet

We offer a selection of high-quality clothing suitable for job interviews. Also available are shoes, accessories, and toiletries. All items have been graciously donated and are available to our clients free of charge.

When you come in to use the closet, we can also talk with you about the interview you have coming up. We can help you finalize your plans, and practice your handshake and answering interview questions. Preparing for an interview consists of much more than dressing for success, and we want to make sure you’re fully prepared!

Job Search Assistance

Our computer lab, Job Seekers support group, and one-on-one help will get you out on the market with your interview clothes, resumé, and goals ready to go! Our goal is to make women financially independent and working for their future.

On-Going Support & Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities for women to continue getting the support they need as they transition their lives. From counseling to support groups, to volunteering in the Center, there is no hard and fast “graduation” from the Women’s Center. Our past clients make wonderful volunteers and we love to see them grow.