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Car Maintenance: Helpful Hints from a Mechanic: Winterizing Your Car

Hello, my name is Tony Davis.

I have been in the automotive field for 35 years and hope to offer you some information to help you keep your car in good running order. At this time of year we felt that it was the perfect time to talk about getting your car ready for winter.

Winter puts added stress on your electrical and cooling/heating systems. Because of the shorter daylight hours the electrical system works harder to generate and store power to operate your lights and heater system for longer periods of time, so it is important to have your battery and alternator checked to be sure they are operating at proper specifications. The cooling system should be checked for a proper freeze point for the upcoming winter season, and at this time you should have the condition of all the rubber hoses and belts on your vehicle checked and in good working order.

Tune up components are also important on how well your engine will perform in the cold winter months and also will affect your fuel mileage—and at the cost of fuel today it can save you money.

In today’s busy world many maintenance items on our vehicles are not always performed at the proper intervals and a Michigan winter’s night is not the time to find yourself stranded along the road waiting for a tow truck.

Find yourself a good repair facility, develop a relationship with one you trust, and get ready for the cold.

Safe Driving! Tony

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