Affordable Care Act: Impact on Michigan

 Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Michigan

The following numerical facts show how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has benefitted large numbers of Americans and particularly people living in Michigan.


Number of people with Medicare who saved money on prescription drugs:

  • National Total: 3,489,077 (Men: 1,491,681 and Women: 1,997,396)
  • Michigan Total: 84,168 (Men: 36,452 and Women: 47,716)

Cumulative Savings:

  • National Total: $2,111,247,499
  • Michigan Total: $48,999,065

How many people with Medicare have received Preventative Services:

  • National Total: 32,501,561 (Men: 13,313,609 and Women: 19,187,946)
  • Michigan Total: 1,123,354 (Men: 471,564 and Women: 651,791)

How many people’s Private Insurance has added coverage of Preventive Services without cost sharing, thanks to the ACA health reform:

  • National Total: 54,004,000 (Children: 14,075,000 Men: 19,499,000 and Women: 20,424,000)
  • Michigan Total: 1,849,000 (Children: 498,000 Men: 658,000 and Women: 692,000)

Insurance Reforms

Removing Lifetime Limits

How many people no longer have a Lifetime Limit on their health insurance plan:

  • National Total: 105,164,000 (Men: 37,803,000 and Women: 39,534,000)
  • Michigan Total: 3,547,000 (Men: 1,255,000 and Women: 1,315,000)

Young Adult Coverage

How many more Young Adults (18–26 years old) have gained health insurance by being able to remain on their parent’s plan:

  • National Total: 2,500,003
  • Michigan Total: 57,527

Medical Loss Ratio

How many people are receiving more health care with their premium dollar thanks to the new Medical Loss Ratio (80/20) rules, which require insurance companies to spend at a minimum 80% on every premium dollar on health care and only 20% on administrative overhead, salaries and advertising:

  • National Total: 76,180,000
  • Michigan Total: 2,521,000

Pre-existing Conditions

How many people have gained coverage through the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan created by the ACA law:

  • National Total: 48,879
  • Michigan Total: 789

New Federal Funding

Rate Review

How much new federal funding states have received to improve the Rate Review process of proposed insurance premium increases:

  • National Total: $152,100,000
  • Michigan Total: $5,000,000

Insurance Exchange Implementation

How much new federal funding States have received to build the Insurance Exchanges:

  • National Total: $925,500,256
  • Michigan Total: $10,849,077 

Public Health

How much new federal funding States have received to improve public health:

  • National Total: $1,197,700,000
  • Michigan Total: $21,800,000

Community Health Care Centers

How much new federal funding Community Health Centers have received:

  • National Total: $1,653,800,000
  • Michigan Total: $41,300,000

SOURCES: “New Data: The Affordable Care Act in Your State.” Click here to read.