Unsung Women in History: Revolutionaries

Today in the United States, it is evident that there is an astounding amount of women and men of all different backgrounds and walks of life standing in solidarity to fight for the rights of women all over the globe. With March being National Women’s History Month, we have a perfect opportunity to share stories of incredible women in history who helped pave the way for women of the future to allow them to do things like peacefully protest in marches, hold positions in office and more. These three female revolutionaries are perfect examples of women in history shattering the glass ceiling.

Ruby Bridges:
Ruby Bridges was extremely young when she first became an activist in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. At just six years old, Bridges passed an entrance exam allowing her to be admitted to an all-white school in a time where schools were racially segregated. Although they were afraid for her safety, her parents allowed her to attend William Frantz Elementary School so that she would have access to significantly better education. Due to protests and large and violent crowds, Bridges was escorted to school every day by four federal marshals. In the late 1990s, Bridges began the Ruby Bridges Foundation to further fight and be an activist for equality and tolerance in education.

Agent 355:
This woman whose true identity is still unknown is referred to as Agent 355. She served under George Washington in an elite, American spy ring during the American Revolution. The work she did and the information she received was crucial in helping the colonies succeed during the time of the Revolution. While much about Agent 355 is still relatively unknown, her work in the spy ring proved her to be a revolutionary for women, especially during a time in which the rights and opportunities for women were few.

Dorothy Height:
Focused on women’s rights and civil rights, Dorothy Height was influential in bettering the lives of and creating more opportunities for African American women. After graduating from New York University with a master’s degree in educational psychology, she served 40 years as the president of the National Council of Negro Women and helped found the National Women’s Political Caucus. Throughout her 80 year career, Height oversaw programs for issues including women’s rights, African American rights, AIDS, poverty and voting rights. While Height is a relatively unsung hero of her time, her work, commitment and energy all helped better the lives of women in the past, present and future.

Ways To Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

By Leah Boelkins on February 14, 2017

There is lot’s of love to be spread this Valentine’s Day, and it’s important to not forget yourself.  We believe that self-care and self-love is crucial. Here are five ways to take care of yourself and give yourself some TLC this Valentine’s Day:

  • Stretch it Out: Before starting off your day, try doing a few simple stretches. This will increase the blood flow to your muscles and increase your energy for the day ahead of you. Read about the best times and ways to stretch here.
  • Breakfast in Bed: Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or french toast with a side of fruit, take a few extra minutes to relax and get ready for the morning by eating your breakfast in bed.
  • Indulge: Just because it may be cliche doesn’t mean you can’t have it! If you have a sweet tooth, treat yourself to something chocolate-y. Whether it’s a few chocolate candies or a bowl of ice cream — you deserve it! If you’re trying to keep it healthy, dark chocolate is the best way to go, and even provides many health benefits.
  • Do Something to Brighten Your Day : Whether it’s going out for an energizing walk, calling up an old friend, or doing a simple hobby, take an extra hour or so out of your day to do something you love that you may not always have time to do.
  • Prioritize Yourself: This is one tip to keep in mind long after Valentine’s Day has come and gone. It’s easy to become wrapped up in everyone else and everything that may be going on in your daily life, but remember that making yourself a priority, knowing what you need, and taking even a short break from the chaos can help both your mental and physical health.

While indulging and loving yourself on Valentine’s Day can help you get through the holiday or just enjoy it even more, remember to keep up the habit of looking out for yourself, loving yourself, and appreciating yourself every day of the year.

WE LAUGH 2017!

Join us on Friday, February 3 for WE LAUGH a night of comedy benefitting the Women’s Center. We’ve integrated She Laughs and He Laughs into WE LAUGH.

Doors open at 7:00 pm Show starts at 8:00 pm

Lineup includes:

Headliner: Karen Williams

Hedlun & Stephanie Hirchert Walton

Robert Jenkins

Will Green

Samantha Rager

Esther Nevarez

Tickets can be purchased online at https://squareup.com/market/womenscentergl/general-donation

We Laugh

“We Laugh” Comedy Night

When: Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Where: The Cadillac Room at Riverview Church (1115 S Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48910)

Cost: $25 single/$40 Couple or $40 VIP seating (reserved). Tickets may be purchased HERE or at the door.

Refreshments:  Appetizers provided by Zayoon’s. Additional snacks will also be provided. Craft beer and wine will also be available via drink tickets.

Proceeds: All proceeds from this event will go to support The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. A nonprofit organization “Helping Women Realize Their Potential”

About the Event

Brought Back by Popular Demand!

It’s back, with a twist! The Women’s Center is bringing back our popular comedy night after taking a year off. In the past this event was called “She Laughs” and exclusively featured female comedians. We also had a separate event called “He Laughs” which featured—you guessed it—male comedians. We decided to bring the two together in the same room to battle it out.

Whose funnier—Women or Men?

Join us for a hilarious competition to see who you think is funnier–the men or the women! You will vote with cash by placing your voting dollars in either the women’s bowl or the men’s bowl on the stage.

Silent Auction

We will have a silent auction during the event with many packages, baskets, local artwork and table centerpieces by Twiggies in DeWitt, Michigan.


We continue to seek corporate and individual sponsors for this event. Below is a list of our available sponsor levels:

Chuckle $100 1 ticket  with VIP Table Seating & program recognition
Belly Laugh $250 2 tickets with VIP Table Seating & program & Emcee recognition
Bust-a-Gut $500 4 tickets with VIP Table seating & program & Emcee recognition
ROFL $750 6 tickets with VIP Table seating & program & Emcee recognition (entire table)


To become a sponsor please contact Cindie at (517) 372-9163 or womenscentergl@gmail.com

Current Sponsors include:

We Laugh Sponsor TwiggiesTwiggies (Florist & Events).  A one stop for amazing floral, table top rental, specialty linens, decor, lighting, backdrops, to make your event stand out from all the others.


We Laugh Spnsor Zaytoon Holt

Zaytoon’s (Holt). Thank you so much catering this event as a sponsor. Yum!

The Talent

Karen Williams (Headliner)We Laugh Headliner Karen Williams

 We feel extremely honored to have Karen as our headliner for this event. Seeing this internationally acclaimed and nationally-known stand-up comic is truly a treat! Karen is a modern-day alchemist, whose audiences revel in her cathartic laughter, and whose peers consider her a comic’s comic! As a solo entertainer, Karen Williams delights fan-filled audiences from San Francisco to South Beach to Sydney. She is also the founder and CEO of the HAHA Institute.  Read more about Karen.

 The Women

Stephanie Hirchert Walton. Stephanie is no stranger to this event and will be performing onstage with her husband Hedlun.

Samantha Rage. Sam is a newcomer to this event and an experienced comedian.  We are excited to see what she has in store for us.

Third Performer TBD. We are looking for one more performer.  Amateurs and newbies welcome. If you have always wanted to give stand up a try, contact Cindie at (517) 372-9163 or womenscentergl@gmail.com

The MenWe Laugh Comedian Robert Jenkins

Robert Jenkins. Robert uses his unique point of view, quick wit, and disarming delivery to tell you why he’s right. You’ll disagree, but you’ll laugh anyway. A Detroit native, Robert has performed at many festivals including the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, Crossroads Comedy Festival, and Laughfest where he was a 2016 participant in the Best of the Midwest Comedy Competition. Read More about Robert.

Hedlun Walton. The other half of the act with his wife Stephanie. We can’t wait to hear what these two have been up to as they deliver their class act together.

Will Green. Will started doing standup in 2008 in clubs and open nights throughout Michigan.  He We Laugh Comedian Will Greendescribes his comedy as “edgy, but with rounded corners.”  Will moved to Maine for a while (He’s back in Michigan) where he honed his skills as a regular at Comedy Connection in Portland and headlined at Levity Comedy Cafe in Burlington, VT. He produced his first album in 2014 called F*&% Feed People where 100% of all funds raised from the sale of the album go to support the charity Sundays in Cass Park. Read more about Will.

We invite you to be part of this event with us

We look forward to laughing together with you. Thank you for supporting the Women’s Center. We couldn’t do what we do without supporters like you! See you soon!