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Race Submission

You race your own race for 30 minutes wherever you are!

Race Period: any continuous 30 minute period between September 17th and September 20th

Where: this is a virtual race, you can participate from anywhere in the world

Categories: paddle, run, walk, bike, swim, row, or rollerskate


  • Submit your 30-minute race result in miles by September 20th at 5pm
  • Complete the race in one continuous 30-minute period
  • Snap a photo of your watch face or monitor. Send us a screenshot of your tracking app. Or at the very least, send us a picture of your race finish!
  • Since distances with different activities vary:
  • If biking or skating: enter half of your distance
  • If swimming: enter twice your distance
  • All other activities: enter actual distance
  • If there are more than 22 people on your team, your captain will choose the 22 distances they want to include in the race results.

Click here to submit your race results!

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