Why Give?

The Women’s Center has helped over 3,400 women in the Greater Lansing area. Some of the services women come to the Center for include:

  • Help getting and maintaining well-paying jobs
  • Help getting through divorce
  • Healing from sexual assault or other soul-crushing events
  • Assertiveness training and gaining control over their lives
  • Career counseling for help advancing in their workplaces
  • Finding solace with other women dealing with mid-life issues
  • Help realizing their potential in these and many other ways

All of the services we provide cost money. But most of the women who come here don’t have money to pay for those services, even with our generous sliding fee scale.

Additionally, the demand for our services exceeds our ability to supply them. We take new clients based on referrals from homeless agencies and other shelter programs, as well as walk-ins from family or friend referrals. We are grateful to be able to provide these services to as many women as possible, but as you can imagine, it can be a bit chaotic as we try to see everyone without overburdening our staff of volunteers and interns and our strained budget.

That is where you can help.

Consider becoming a Founder of the Women’s Center. You can be a Founding Mother, Founding Man, Founding Family, or Founding Team (or give yourself a title). But you don’t have to give at the Founder level to help. Any amount is welcome. Your financial support will be put to immediate use helping to sustain all of the services the Women’s Center provides to this community.

We welcome and encourage men to donate. You all have women in your lives and one of them may benefit from our services.

As we know, women hold up half the sky. We are all in this together. Let us work together to create a thriving, sustainable organization that supports ALL members of this community.