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Working through and Overcoming Crisis, Adversity and other Challenges: Crisis or Challenge: Living in Uprecedented Times

Crisis or Challenge:  Living in Uprecedented Times

by C. Leslie Charles

Scan the newspaper headlines, watch or listen to a news report and it’s impossible to avoid the word “crisis.” Indeed, these are unprecedented times, not just for our leaders, but for all of us.  We are each navigating foreign waters without a map. While the economic meltdown has, in some way, affected all of us, it’s been absolutely devastating for some.  And the stories are enough to break your heart.

In Michigan, the number of foreclosures is frightening.  Here in the greater Lansing area, we have families in crisis for the first time in their lives.  The number of new homeless in our community is staggering, and we’re not talking about those who were already living below the poverty line.  Large numbers of middle class women who were until recently, gainfully employed and able to meet all of their financial responsibilities are now jobless, disenfranchised, and desperate.

If you don’t fit the above description, thank your lucky stars.  If you have enough resources to make your mortgage payments, stay warm, and put food on your table, be grateful.  These are things we could always be grateful for, but they’re also unnervingly easy to simply expect.

In times of crisis, it helps to be grateful for the little things we have.  It’s also helpful to steel ourselves by remembering that opportunity and adversity are constant companions.  This unprecedented era calls for an unusual mind set so we can transform our crises into challenges and prevail.  By turning adversity on its side, not only do we and our loved ones benefit, but it gives us the mettle to help those in dire situations who need our understanding, empathy, and assistance.

C. Leslie Charles, award-winning professional speaker and nationally acclaimed author, is no stranger to adversity.  Having survived poverty, hardship, and the death of an adult child, she speaks with gentle authority on how to bring our your best when you face the worst of circumstances.

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